I try to do at least one thing a day to support ‘the project’, and a really easy thing to start you off might be to look on Facebook (or similar) to find a local freecycle group. We did this and have got rid of loads of things that would have gone into landfill which feels really good and we didn’t have to even leave the house as people collect – a few things we have ‘gifted’ include:

  • our shredded paper/bills etc to local animal rescue centre for bedding
  • old Jiffy bags to local e-bayer
  • old curry containers for a playgroup

Being frugal isn’t just about saving yourself money, but also helping others to save money – just like the people above. We also take boxes to nursery for their various creations (with our fingers crossed they don’t come back as a robot…) and clothes are donated at school for fundraising. If your playgroup or school (UK) wants to raise money this way it’s super easy at


It’s also a good frugal move for us, as we have been ‘gifted’ some useful things ourselves which has saved us lots of money. The most popular has been the piano, we also have a playpen for the grandparents house and some unused toiletries for a local charity project. It feels good from both parties and keep all sorts of bits and bobs out of landfill.

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