Find That Draft!

Welcome to our Countdown to Cosy month in collaboration with –  you can link up with their posts here too, as we have different views and experiences we’ll have different takes on the ideas we are sharing.  The aim of this month of ideas and inspiration is to get us ready for a healthy, frugal, sustainable and mindful Winter. It can be a tricky time of year for many reasons, some people struggle with the darker mornings and nights making them stay at home more and often socialise less. Bills often increase and many people have financial stress with many festive events during November and December – we are hoping that these daily prompts will be supportive and encouraging.


Today is about home maintenance, so much money is lost in the average family home because of small fixes that get easily put on the back burner. Take just 15 minutes today to walk around your home and note down any small jobs that could be wasting valuable resources, common ones might be:

  • dripping tap
  • drafts around doors/windows
  • broken blinds
  • poorly packed freezer
  • old cat flaps that still open in high winds…

You get the idea. All of these will be costing you money in utilities – at this time of year in the UK heating bills will be going up and being aware of how to keep heat in and use it economically is a good frugal and sustainable habit to get into. Also wearing more layers instead of putting the heating up is better for our health, but that’s for another day!


Once you have your list you can see what you might need help to fix and get recommendations for a plumber, carpenter etc. For drafts you can make your own draft excluder from any pair of trousers or tights, if you prefer something more beautiful you can find a pattern in our Eco Friendly Autumn Book (page 7!). Make sure you have a blind or lined curtains and once the temperature starts to drop and your heating kicks in close them to keep the warm air in. Quite often you can save a lot of heat by having an internal curtain by any external doors, especially if you have wooden doors.


That’s plenty to get on with for today – don’t forget to read up the ideas from Lisa at Less-Stuff x

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