Today’s tip is taken from the wonderful GrowEatGift – with their permission! It’s only a snippet from a brilliant post all about self care. I would encourage you to read all the ways that nature can promote positive wellbeing, I’m stealing an idea that we haven’t really mentioned yet during #selfcareseptember – the dreaded exercise. I like this gentle suggestion about to in corporate physical activity, fresh air and helping wildlife into your self care routine…

I’m a big fan of ‘invisible exercise’, where you have so much fun that you don’t notice you’re getting fit.

Gardening can help build muscle (particularly if you do a lot of digging); foraging is great for improving balance and getting you stretching; and nature walks offer so many distractions, it can be easy to walk further than you intended.
I find litter picking satisfying, and try to spread #LoveNotLitter – crafting the word love from nature finds after litter-picking an area. It’s a great way to get fit and help wildlife at the same time – all the bending down can be a real work out.

If you have mobility issues, you may need to pace yourself, starting with a five minute walk and building up by ten seconds each week – or in whatever intervals feel right for you.
Even a little exercise can help a lot – though it’s important not too push yourself too hard if you have a chronic condition too. Let your body and instinct guide what you do.


Regular readers will know we are BIG fans of the great outdoors for lots of reasons and would it’s definitely part of our self care schedule.


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