Empowering Shopping

Another of the brilliant and inspiring projects I’ve heard about via the #EthicalHour network is Boho Homes, I will let them explain for themselves:

Boho Homes is a social enterprise that works with grassroots artisans , marginalised communities and other Fairtrade suppliers to bring boutique homeware products to market .
You can have a look at our website www.bohohomes.co.uk

A multi-country project launched with strong belief in Fairtrade, we believe that trade can empower lives. We work with social enterprises, small scale artisans and other Fairtrade suppliers to bring you products that are beautiful, practical and unique. Where required, we provide need based support to enable the production. This allows us to empower artisans & other marginalised small producers to gain skills and confidence, leading to economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their local community.

Ranging from organic cotton tote bags & table linen made by disabled people to hand painted wooden home accessories made by traditional artisans, each product tells a story!

Whenever we choose to spend money on something, we are in effect giving a positive vote to that product. The more things we can choose that are ethically and sustainably sourced, fairly traded, created by people that we can identify all of these things and more are our vote for wanting products made with these concerns. They can be more expensive (although not always) so we may need to save for longer, or have fewer things in total – but over time these decisions start to become easier and much more rewarding.


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