Eat Well

Our tip today comes from That Foodie Feeling – who are working to help parents with fussy eaters have less stressful meal times, and that is a wonderful thing! In our family we have 5 veggies, 1 carnivore, 4 dairy free and 2 fusspots… I think we cope quite well, but we have certainly hit a bit of a wall with getting bored with the same old meals all the time which has been one of my ‘back to school’ changes – to our meal planning (more on that at a later date…).

That Foodie Feeling have a single piece of very simple but easy advice:

Eat an extra portion of veg with your dinner!

They have also recommended a veggie Shepherds Pie recipe to us – sounds lovely for the wintery evenings. We all know the power of eating well for our physical health, and after lots of talk about relaxing and exercising we should include a look at our eating habits and general diet. Instead of comfort eating, why not write a list of other things you enjoy doing that might distract you?

Remember that we are role models for our kids, so even if they don’t join in now – every time they see you making healthy choices it’s all going into their information banks.


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