Do Something Different

Sometimes you just need to change things up a bit. To move your mood or perspective or environment maybe you need to physically change your situation? That could be just being in a different space, wearing something different (for me that would mean makeup, or shoes lost in the back of the cupboard) – this makes our brain use new pathways to adapt to the new information.

I had the opportunity today to try something I’ve never done before, I’ve had the opportunity before but not the confidence. I was with my fearless kids and suddenly wanted to experience these challenges with them, not just watching on the sidelines as normal. So I did. It was scary and wonderful to do something new at my age, to be challenged and come through.

My kids are so brave and confident, it was great to take their power and use it for myself and be right there with them having new adventures. Self care is not always relaxing and quiet, sometimes it’s screaming and scary.

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