Did you know we ran a Challenge for Half Term?

If you follow us on Facebook you may know we have three amazing groups full of freebies and loveliness – for Half Term we had a Challenge to help you create a planned and free week of activities, in the hope of reducing stress! We covered:

  1. Planning
  2. Finding free things to do and keeping that list
  3. Boredom Buster Ideas
  4. Cooking with Kids
  5. Crafting
  6. Q&A Open House!


The Challenge will run again I’m sure, as it was lots of fun, and you can still see the Live Workshops in the feed if you join the Free & Frugal Fun Group. 


For those of you that missed it, I thought I’d share this particular worksheet HTH Day 4 which was all about cooking with kids, the Live goes through ideas of how to make that a more reasonable option, and I’m sharing this as it’s also vegan and doesn’t require special skills or presentation. It’s World Vegan Day coming up, and so this is a great way to get involved. Cooking seems such a messy and difficult thing to do with kids, especially if you have more than one –  I really wanted to tackle ways to make it easier. Or just to make peace with yourself if it’s simply not for you and perhaps think of other places or people that your kids might do some cooking or baking with. It’s a really useful skill for children to learn, and I offer a few ideas of where to start… mine all start with helping with our normal meals, putting rice in the saucepan (painfully slowly with a spoon…)



The main things to remember when the kids are home (if you find it a bit stressful):

  • Focus on the bits that are better than them being at school/nursery/toddler groups (for me that’s not having to get dressed at a certain time)
  • Enjoy things together, join in!
  • Don’t worry about occupying children every second of the day – it’s their week off to chill out.
  • Have a plan of what’s available, you won’t do everything but it’s nice to have a list of options.
  • Meet up with friends, you will need some adult company and conversation
  • Give yourself a break and have some rubbish food and easy wins = no guilt


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