Unused Gifts

As part of a more frugal lifestyle this is something you may start now for later, but it’s worth mentioning here in case it’s useful. We tend to keep back a few of the ‘kits’ our kids sometimes get as birthday or Christmas presents or I buy them when I see them in thrift shops as they come in so useful in school holidays. Some brands are much better than others, but they always take up some time and the end results can be played with, or given back as a gift so the circle can continue…

I just put them on a high shelf as one of the ‘rainy day’ things we can use, we have all sorts of crafty makes, science projects and paper construction kits to dib in and out of through the holidays.

If you have more of a budget, there are also lots of great subscription boxes available that you can investigate. We have reviewed several and they have all been high quality and engaging. The advantage of this is that something to do pops through your door without the need for you to plan and resource it all. Again I would read reviews to see which are the best – I really dislike boxes that don’t contain the bulk of what you need to complete the project.

You don’t need to get a subscription forever, you could just dabble or add it to a birthday wish list. We have really enjoyed:

  • Octopus Learning – www.octopuslearning.co.uk – You can get 10% off a subscription using the code BLOGREC10 🙂
  • Ingenues – www.ingenues.co.uk – You can get 20% off using the code FRUGAL20 🙂
  • Toucan Box – www.toucanbox.com
  • Happy Little Bundles – www.happylittlebundles.co.uk
  • Mud and Bloom – www.mudandbloom.com

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