Wish List

You can do this anytime, and I find it’s useful to start a bit before the holidays and then add to it. It’s as simple as it sounds – ask everyone in the family for a wish for the holidays, it could be a visit somewhere, friend to see, favourite food etc. I did ours yesterday and got the following:

We may or may not get all of these things done, but it’s good to have a discussion about what everyone wants and see where you can fit them in – and of course if you need any special supplies. There is also room for manouvre, so going to the farm isn’t very specific. We have a free farm near us where we can feed a few animals for £1… we also have the majestic White Post Farm a bit further away which would cost us £50+ for a day out. If I leave this until the end of the holiday I’ll be able to see how things are going and which one we can manage. It gives us choices x

What I always love about this, is that what the kids want is usually much easier than I’ve been worrying about. After doing this for a while I think it’s mostly the adults that feel they have to pack every second with excitement and wonder – when I talk to the kids they want to go to the park and watch TV. We hopefully will find a balance between making memories with special times and chilling out in our pjs… time will tell!

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