In it to Win it

If you are facing cabin fever, or just getting on each others nerves there may be an increased level of disputes in the home… as parents you are expert at avoidance, nipping in the bud and all the normal strategies, but I have found that often a very sudden change of atmosphere or attention can have a positive impact and then things settle back down for a while.

I have a stock of ‘one minute’ games that I can call on at any moment to distract or break up a dispute and then after one or two things go back to ‘normal’ – it’s worked like a reset button on the kids!

This link has a whole host of ideas, and if you want to find more you can search ‘in it to win it ideas’ – this term is something I came across via a friend from the US – I had never heard of it, they are party games that are fast and furious!

Our favourites:

  • suck up sweets/crisps/what I find with a straw and transfer them from plate to plate
  • get a stack of kids cups (no handles) and move the top to the bottom until you have got back to the first one. this works best if you can monitor the colours to know when they are finished!
  • put on a dress up kit as fast as you can
  • if you are happy to still use it afterwards, wrap a person up as a mummy with toilet roll as fast as you can
  • (depending on the age of kids) walk in adult wellies to the end of the room and back again, or similar with an eye on safety….



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