This is another personal favourite because I’m an historian, so it’s a passion of mine I’m hoping to pass onto the kids… they seem vaguely interested if I talk about fighting…

Here are some suggestions for ways you might do some research with the kids.

  1. Find out about your family history and draw a family tree with them.
  2. Find out about the history of your home if you know it, look at deeds or records about when it was built?
  3. Find out about any famous or important local people – who is the church, pub or streets named after? Blue Plaques in London are now looked after by English Heritage, you can search here for other towns and a wider range of plaques we use this site – Blue Plaque Places.
  4. Ask an older relative or neighbour about their life.
  5. Watch a film or TV show based in the past we love the film Valiant about pigeons during the Second World War voiced by Ricky Gervais.


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