Collect It!

How about starting or sorting out a ‘collection’?

Kids really love to order and collect things, if they are able to write they could make a list or book and add the names or something about what they have collected. Those not writing could take a photo of their collection on a phone and send it to someone, or colour in a bar chart of what they have found.

It could be done in conjunction with the ‘clear out’ (another idea) – make a collection of broken toys, or ones that need fixing, a collection of puzzles that are too easy to pass on etc.

A collection could be on a theme they already have like all their cuddly toys or if they have as many as my kids, how many jungle animals or beanie boos…


A collection could be all the red things they can find in the house, or how many different leaves they find on a walk in the park some suggestions are below but it can be anything you can think of.



  • pick flowers
  • books by topic
  • books by author
  • books with spiders in
  • toy rabbits
  • toy superheroes
  • toy cars
  • blue things
  • shiny things
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • badges
  • specific type of toy – sand toys, puppets, characters from a film

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