This is something that you can build up all year round if you have space, but is particularly useful to have a cardboard box ready for the longer school holidays where you can store useful items for projects, crafts, making things etc. We have a Supplies List you can use as your base and build on, try to reuse things as much as possible – reuse before recycle! You can also find great things in charity shops and if you tell them what you are looking for they may keep bits ready for you. For us it’s usually more about collecting things that have been strewn all over the house into one place, likes pens and pencils etc. If you do have to buy new, remember that pencil crayons will last way longer than felt tips and have no plastic… and please don’t buy glitter unless it’s the eco-stuff. 

Good things to keep from the recycling box:

  • cereal and biscuit boxes
  • plastic inserts for paints and glue
  • foil
  • yogurt pots
  • magazines/colourful junk mail
  • unused envelopes (I always keep these, they are super useful!)


You can also find out if there is a Scrap Store near you, where you can pick up resources really cheaply that have been donated by local businesses that they no longer need.

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