Rain Stops Play

You will need a few indoor, rainy day options during the Summer. Here are a few that we have tried and tested…

  1. Hide and Seek, you can also do this by hiding toys and the kids finding them – if you are on a theme then use that too.
  2. Don’t fight it, if it’s cold and wet then get some popcorn and put on a film.
  3. Lava Rescue – this can go as wild as you can cope with. The floor is lava, so they or you, can set up an obstacle course to get from point A to B. You can move furniture and chairs or give them paper to use as stepping stones (if using paper don’t give them enough so they have to move it around and think ahead/team work etc)
  4. Jolly old board games/jigsaws
  5. Baking or Cooking and of course eating what you make. See if you can have a DIY lunch where they make the sandwiches etc. Or maybe they can help prepare dinner?

What’s your Go To rainy day plan?

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