Set a World Record

This is a personal favourite of mine, but  you so have to be a little bit careful with children that can read by themselves as there are a few ‘rude’ records they might come across if searching the Guinness World Records site alone… ahem. There is a Kids section at the bottom of the main Home page x

Take a look at some of the weird and wacky World Records and see if you can challenge, for most of them you will need a stop clock or similar and I would recommend taking photos!

Some examples you might like to try:

  • Most M&M/Smarties eaten in one minute with chopsticks is 20
  • Most leapfrogs (team of 2) in one minute is 57
  • Soft Toys caught while blindfolded in one minute = 25
  • Fastest time to hang up 10 different items on clothing on a washing line was 1min 29secs
  • Most bounces on a space hopper in one minute is 108

The GWR website is full of activities for kids and you can use the search for key words – so if  you have a spare lemon for example, you can look up lemons and get inspired!

Please do share your attempts with us x


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