This sounds a bit odd, but you just have to trust me that it might work! It can work for any child that can express opinions, but works even better for those older kids that have started writing confidently… and of course we can join in as adults.

The idea is to start chatting/writing/giving reviews for books, tvshows, films, places, foods etc that we are enjoying over the Summer. I choose not to give negative reviews, as life is just too short, but you can do that if you want to.

We have a couple of free download Review Forms in the FILES of our Spend Less Do More Facebook group, you are welcome to join and give them a go but all you really need is to have a chat or a paper and pen – reviewing online is also really powerful and you can help kids with typing or let them have a try themselves. 

For online reviews consider: – leave reviews for places you have visited with the kids and you will be entered into a prize draw! we love this site as it’s all from reviews by parents who have actually been to the place x – if you read a book or buy something you can really help the author/manufacturer by leaving a review of any kind. Amazon need 50 reviews before they ‘notice’ the book/item and start to add it to their marketing algorithms. You will make an indie author cry with joy if you leave a review, it can be as simple as ‘I liked it’ xx – this is just for books, but the same applies as above. – you can help out other families by leaving reviews by adults and kids of films and tv shows, we use this a lot to see if something will be suitable for our kids to watch as the ratings aren’t always as helpful.


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