Be Kind

This is such a broad topic it doesn’t really suit these snippets of help – so I will be doing longer post about why I think this is so important… the short version is:

  • by showing kindness we teach kindness
  • by showing kindness and respect to ourselves, we teach self respect
  • by asking for help when we need it, we allow others to be kind to us – and they feel good about that
  • by expecting kindness between siblings we often ask for the impossible!
  • by taking every opportunity to praise kindness and acknowledge it we can take a mental picture of a lovely moment and remember it more easily

It may be that by now people are getting over the fun of not being at school and have got a bit of cabin fever… kindness may be a distant dream… remember to be kind to yourself first and plan in a few moments to do that. I usually forget to pack myself something on the picnics and end up just eating whatever is refused. I’ve started making sure there is something I really like (that the kids don’t so it won’t get eaten) so that I can be kind to myself every lunchtime at least.

Think of one nice thing you can do for you today… for me it will be going to bed early.

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