Dress Up

You probably have lots of dressing up things – a fun day is to get them all out and be silly. You should join in too! Ideas might include…

Competitions to see who can make the funniest costume

Separate hats, tops, bottoms and have a race to get the ‘correct’ costume on

Make a pirate, or fairy, or creature, or superhero etc

Create a story/play/show – you can record this for later replay or to send to family

Make some props to go with costumes from the recycling box – hats, masks, shields, wands etc.


If you don’t have any dressing up ideas you can just get out all the hats, gloves and scarves. If you’re feeling really brave you could let the kids dress up in some of your clothes, they find this endlessly entertaining to pretend to be older than they are. If you have some chunky jewellery, ties and belts etc use those as well.


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