‘Appy Days

I am a bit late to this party, but I’ve only recently realised how many wonderful and FREE apps there are which are suitable for children… I was a bit against too much tablet time and a bit snooty about it all, but then came across some really good stuff!

Do share any that  you have found, here are some we have come across:

Rockfords Rock Opera – no in app purchases and great music. You can look at our review here x

CBeebies and Most BBC apps – great variety and lots of characters the kids love

Dentist and Dr Apps – we have a dentist one the kids are fascinated by, and it’s made a visible and amazing difference to how much they brush their teeth!

Hopster – we have just reviewed this and been pretty impressed. You can get a free one month trial for an Amazon Fire Kindle if you want to see what you think

Search for TV Channels, Characters or Sports they enjoy and see what you can find, but be careful there are so many out there it can be a minefield. Make sure you read reviews if they are available and delete anything that turns out to be rubbish as they take up valuable memory on your device. Be especially careful of in-app purchases, and make sure you have disabled them as much as possible to avoid any unexpected bills.



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