PJ Day!

A few days (or more) in the holidays should really be for chilling out, I know that my kids are more able to cope with each other if we have some ‘space’ and a run around with some fresh air most days, but even we can all be in the house together doing ‘nothing’ for a day.

I take up some cereal, bowls, spoons and milk in a thermos the night before when I go to bed, and then in the morning we can have breakfast in bed – or if I remember I put a picnic blanket down for the kids so they don’t get on my bed… this is an awesome treat to eat upstairs and means I can also stay in bed a little longer. We also have a TV in our room so if I take up a film they all enjoy we could stay upstairs until after 8am – real treat time for Mummy.

Unfortunately for the kids to have a day ‘doing nothing’ actually means quite a lot of work for me as to stop them driving each other crazy I have to make sure there is enough distraction and ‘rotate’ who can hog the tv for example. But it is their holiday, and I do think they often just need to chill out and do nothing.

If you do a bit of organising the night before, you might get to sit down for a while as well. I find it works if I:

  • make packed lunches
  • prepare dinner in advance
  • have a craft project that needs minimal help already on the dining table
  • have a few select toys out ready to play with (I set them up on the floor)
  • A few ideas for restless moments (like a scavenger hunt)
  • A few new things printed off from somewhere like Mrs Mactivity
  • A few films out ready and some snacks to go with them (you can close the curtains like the cinema)

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