Record It

Keeping a record of the best bits of the Summer is a lovely way to hold onto the nice bits and slowly forget about the less nice bits. You can probably look back now on your own youth in photos and see how nice it is for the kids. Make sure you are in some of the pictures too, or they will have no record of what you looked like.

We are enjoying keeping a journal with the kids – it sounds a bit intellectual but they are just blank or lined notebooks (which the kids seem to have in every drawer and bag…). We haven’t bought anything special, and depending on the age of your children you can tackle this is different ways…

Ideas for younger children

  • Draw your family
  • Draw what you did today
  • Draw the best day ever
  • Favourite foods
  • Practice your name

Ideas for children able to write

  • My favourite film is… because… (this works for music, tv, character, book, shoes etc)
  • I’d love to…
  • If I was a superhero my power would be…
  • The best thing about today was…
  • A photo stuck in with a description of who/where/what it is.

It’s a very creative and fun activity and if you can get in the habit it’s a nice way to record not just the Summer break, but could become a daily or weekend habit for life. Some more suggestions are on the Picklebums site which we always enjoy.

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