Oh man… being a parent is hard work, and for those of you doing it full time, or juggling work, or who have just reached your breaking point for whatever reason – BREATHE!

We have a whole section on the website called SELF CARE and you may need to check it out – you can’t care for your kids when  you are a burned out mess. The school holidays can be physically and emotionally draining, you need to factor in some time to whatever works for you in terms of letting off steam, relaxing and winding down. It may be you can do a childcare swap for an hour or two, have a bath one evening and pamper yourself in some way or meet up with friends.

Finding what works for you is half the battle, and then prioritising it to make sure it happens is phase two. I try to schedule a ‘day off’ for after the Holidays, it’s also my birthday that first week of September so I can add a few bits to my birthday wish list that mean I can have a great free or frugal pamper day.

Put something in place TODAY to help you manage the extra pressure of entertaining children over six weeks. Do it now.

Free ways to have a treat could be along these lines:

  • making time for a hobby
  • writing a journal
  • taking care of your physical self in some way e.g. painting your toe nails, putting lipstick on, brushing your hair – depends on your starting point really!
  • taking time to yourself
  • doing some thing ‘adult’ – it could be what you’re thinking, or could be reading a novel instead of The Gruffalo
  • adding things to an Amazon wish list
  • watching a favourite/new tv show or film
  • going to bed early or late
  • writing a list of your ‘treats’ so you don’t have to think so hard about it next time! I have a few lists based on time, e.g 30 min treats, 1 hour treats.

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