Clear Out

Today I’m so pleased to introduce the amazing and inspiring Lisa from Less Stuff. A review of her first book From Piles to Files will be going on the Frugal Office page with our new series of business book reviews soon, which reminds me that’s how we ‘met’ in cyberspace. Lisa is a woman of many talents and her site is well worth a visit. Her tip for #selfcareseptember is:

It is easy to get used to things we see everyday in our home but if any of those things make you feel guilty, sad or angry why are you keeping them? I’ve kept dresses I will never wear again that remind me of bad dates and horrible ornaments given to me by loved ones.

Let a few of the bad things out of your life and make space to celebrate the things that truly make you happy. 


If you feel ready to have a go at getting rid of items, This article  from Lisa can guide you through the process, and Lisa has a new book out The Elephant in the Room as well if clutter has become overwhelming to you. I’ve also signed up to her email newsletter to get my free de-clutter guide as I like to have a bit of clear out in the run up to Christmas.

Years of experience working to support people has taught me that our environment makes a HUGE difference to our wellbeing. As part of living a more frugal life, a natural de-clutter often takes place as you start to see value in things differently (funnily enough this is mentioned in our new e-book too…).

To live your ethical values remember when you get rid of things to consider where they can be recycled, reused or gifted x


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