Thursday Thought 30

One persons rubbish is another persons really useful thing, these are being collected by someone moving house who is super excited about them! No money has changed hands and lots of smiley faces x

Thursday Thought 29

Some things are just better value than others, it’s a bit of trial and error sometimes to find out what they are… We love these colour-in table cloths from Phoenix Trading. They entertain the kids while waiting for food and keep the adults quiet too! This one has lasted our whole holiday and sparked lots of good conversation as well, … Read More

Thursday Thought 28

We are off on holiday, but attempting to keep to our frugal project as much as possible so… Here’s the plan: 😎 booked a delivery of food to the holiday house, so not eating out = huge savings (even with buying some real treat foods and wine). 😎 researched lots of free local activities before departure- I love it! 😎 … Read More

Thursday Thought 27

Days out are great fun (Robin Hood Festival yesterday) but days in are great too… And free 😉

Thursday Thought 23

The school holidays are upon us, and we now have four kids eating us out of house and home… quick fixes are lots of home baking (double whammy of cheap AND entertainment) and Approved Foods, who sell off near to and out of date foods. We have just ordered enough food for snacks etc to last the whole of the … Read More

Thursday Thought 21

Just squeaking this in with 20 minutes to spare! We have Movie Night every Friday, so to save spending money on new DVD’s (we’ve already seen what the library has to offer), we now do swaps with friends. We have movies they haven’t seen and vice versa, it’s really nice if you add a little star rating and a few … Read More

Thursday Thought 20

We did it! We scootered, walked and sat like a Queen to school…and back! I actually missed it and started to feel really cross with all this rain we’ve had. So, that’s 34p towards our £136 BIG DAY OUT 2017 Fund (this won’t make sense unless you’ve read Work It Out!). Onward and upward x

Thursday Thought 19

I’m feeling amazed by our beautiful, frugal NHS today. They have cared for my poorly little one in a hundred ways, with no cost to us at the point of use. At least 11 NHS members of staff were in direct contact with us during our late night foray into Paediatric A&E, including telephone calls prior to our arrival. The tension in … Read More