Thursday Thought 7

Where does the time go? How can it possibly be a week since I sat at the computer? Well, I have sat here but not to do my ‘pleasure’ writing. I’ve been working on saving a few pence by looking at some annual outgoings that needed double checking. We have moved our Will, moved our accountant and a few other … Read More

Thursday Thought 6

Just squeaking this in – I’ve come to realise I haven’t had a coherent thought for a whole week… it’s just been one of those times in life when things seem more chaotic and hard work than normal. After what could best be described as a ‘trying’ parenting day my frugal thought is that Love is Free. Isn’t that wonderful! It’s … Read More

Thursday Thought 5

If I had saved £1 a week since I was born I would have £2080 – not to be sniffed at… off to dust off my money box!  (If you can find a money box that can’t be opened this is a much more effective way to save, there are metal ones in our local pound shop, or a more … Read More

Thursday Thought 4

Being frugal can still be fun! Here’s our leftovers and fridge raided dinner…  

Thursday Thought 3

I had a good (somewhat surprising) customer service experience yesterday, it reminded me that being frugal isn’t just about what we spend, or what we spend it on, but also in making sure we are getting value for money. I had a Tweetathon with Sainsburys and have received a refund, without asking, for a small sum as I was unhappy … Read More

Thursday Thought

It’s not really been a day for philosophy… it’s been more action and reaction. But in the 3 minutes I have while I re-heat dinner, I may just get a thought in before it’s too late! I’ve discovered that planned busyness is the friend of frugal living, and today is the perfect example…Had we not planned a busy morning of cleaning, sorting, gifting … Read More