Thursday Thought 18 – update

Use small businesses and local folk – you save a fortune, have a much better service, may even make friends and learn a few things. For example… I now get my hair cut by a lovely local lady who comes to the house at a time to suit me, and for 2 kids and myself it’s £17 for really good … Read More

Thursday Thought 16

I’ve just finished making my fifth picnic of half term, running low on some things now so raided the kids treat boxes and found unopened Christmas sweets – perfect for cold, wet, exhausted children (I’m not holding out much hope for the weather today ;)). Following on from last weeks frugal fun suggestions, here’s what we have actually been up … Read More

Thursday Thought 15

  Just squeezing in a quick thought about Groupon… It does seem a good way to save a few pennies or pounds. We have an inset day tomorrow and I promised the kids a visit to a soft play centre. I can save £4 with a voucher I found, it’s only a small amount, but they all add up. The … Read More

Thursday Thought 14

The ‘technical’ issues this week have been child related – if you are a parent you will understand, if you’re not then you’ll just have to cut me some slack… I’ve been thinking about half term on the horizon and all the free fun to be had in the good old fashioned outdoors. I’ve already waxed lyrical about how lucky … Read More

Thursday Thought 13

I realised that some people equate being frugal with going without. This isn’t the case! I became especially aware of this with the sudden hot spell this week – sun protection is so essential, particularly for children but can be very expensive. So, frugal meant a sun hat hand-me-down, lotion from the bargain shop (in date and factor 50), picnic … Read More

Thursday (!) Thought 12

I know it isn’t Thursday, but there have been some ‘technical issues’ to grapple with…I can only assure you that I did have this thought last Thursday, I hope that’s ok? Fun is Free! I am the first to admit that the trials of parenting can mean we get so caught up in the rushing about of life, that we … Read More

Thursday Thought 11

Hello again, must be that time of the week… It’s Allergy Awareness Week so I found this website that might be useful Food Allergies on a Budget, it’s in the US – so all in dollars but still some useful hints and tips for those that are trying to manage their allergies on a budget. We are dairy free at Frugal HQ and … Read More

Thursday Thought 10

I have the flu, it’s not pretty. However, it hasn’t prevented a bit of frugal thinking… When looking at the ingredients in the very expensive For Your Flu potions, I realised that I’m just as well to get the 32p paracetamol and have honey and lemon with hot water. Here goes – wish me luck!  

Thursday Thought 9

We are on holiday this week, a very cheap break as most schools are back but ours have done their own thing – fits the project and also allows a bit of rest and recuperation.  I was inspired by these words…

Thursday (ish) Thought

It appears to be Friday! I’ve lost a whole day… I blame the school holidays! Don’t forget to use the discount code for a sewing pattern or two 😉