Thursday Thought 10

I have the flu, it’s not pretty. However, it hasn’t prevented a bit of frugal thinking… When looking at the ingredients in the very expensive For Your Flu potions, I realised that I’m just as well to get the 32p paracetamol and have honey and lemon with hot water. Here goes – wish me luck!  

Thursday Thought 9

We are on holiday this week, a very cheap break as most schools are back but ours have done their own thing – fits the project and also allows a bit of rest and recuperation.  I was inspired by these words…

Thursday Thought 7

Where does the time go? How can it possibly be a week since I sat at the computer? Well, I have sat here but not to do my ‘pleasure’ writing. I’ve been working on saving a few pence by looking at some annual outgoings that needed double checking. We have moved our Will, moved our accountant and a few other … Read More

Find it!

Rumour has it that we all have a bit of money that is ‘lost’… there are several ways this may have happened to you, and frankly for the few minutes it would take to check – why don’t we all do it right now! The most obvious place to start in right in our own homes, have you checked the … Read More