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Find (or rediscover) your passion…
Find (or rediscover) your passion…

I was invited to a focus group last night for a sewing magazine publisher; a friend of mine runs a great sewing business Sewing Belle and knew I love to patchwork and sew, so invited me along. It was a perfect storm of visiting grandparents and husband home early to get the kids to bed so I could go… 6pm is not a great time for a parent! I even had a shower and wore something without stains – I felt like a princess. Lately I’m simply too tired to go out, even though I have a number of lovely friends and groups I enjoy – so I have really missed the social interaction and non-child related moments. Not only was cake being served, and some amazing freebies but I really enjoyed being in such interesting adult company. I felt invigorated by the discussions about what a good sewing magazine should contain and felt giddy at the idea that people would value what I had to say – mostly because in the middle of the school holidays I’m hitting a peak of being ignored by the kids. It was a lovely relaxed evening, and home before I turned into a pumpkin too.

I sometimes feel like background noise at home, and as an individual parenting can often make you feel invisible – so it was enchanting to be somewhere I felt so ‘me’. It has confirmed everything I already knew to be true about finding your passions and making sure there is time in the week or month to express them (whatever they may be). I have spent the last 15 years helping other people discover their passions and make plans for how to incorporate them into their lives – I taught time management, journaling, confidence building, how to manage perfectionism and lots more. You would think I would have my own needs totally sorted but of course knowing something and being able to put it into practice are not the same thing – but I have a many pronged plan…

  1. I’m going to encourage my children to share my passion for making things, they already do lots of crafting so adding in sewing won’t be too hard. It’s then something I can do with them… they seem keen so far having seen the free pattern to make a fabric butterfly in on of the magazines from last night! It’s also a great way to use up scraps and fabrics that are currently in the loft waiting for me to find more hours in the day. This also fits with our frugal habits, and reusing/recycling lifestyle so it feels good on lots of levels.
  2. I have dusted off my sewing machine and it’s now in an easy to reach location, with just one project alongside so I don’t have to spend ages finding what I want or deciding what to do. When Mr Frugal is studying in September I will start sewing at the same time. When Mr F’s work schedule allows I’m going to attend the evening sewing group again – even if I’m too tired to actually sew!
  3. I’ve started a new board on our Pinterest Page – Frugal Fun Sewing to help collate ideas and inspiration. Feel free to follow along and share.
  4. I’m thinking about how to incorporate the frugal aspects of sewing into this website… a new page or an existing one… any ideas welcome x
  5. I’m going to approach some sewing magazines with ideas for articles and a regular column.
Identifying that I need some time for my own passions is a positive step – now the real effort of making it happen begins…

What are your passions, and how do you fit them into family life? 

Unexpected Parenting #15

Trips to the toilet will no longer be ‘as and when’ but either covert operations during Paw Patrol or emergency relief when another adult enters the house…


National Stationery Week!

UPDATE: this is some happy mail that came yesterday, just opening it with a cuppa – how cool is this. I’m going to send back the book I have just finished x. IMG_1709.JPG

National Stationery Week It’s come to my attention that it is a week to celebrate Statfree_138314ionery – something I’m always happy to do! This fits in nicely with letting you know about a stationery related passion of mine called Happy Mail.

I recently got involved with a Facebook group called Happy Mail, it’s a great way to connect and share happy stuff with a likeminded, albeit very individual group of people. The group has monthly ‘swaps’ where you send a parcel to your appointed partner, you can send whatever you feel you’d like to, it’s not about the amount spent but the loveliness of something other than a bill arriving on someone’s doormat. There are also monthly ‘snail mail’ options where you only send a postcard or letter. On occasion there have been special swaps, like a sweetie swap or sock swap which are great fun too. This is a closed group, so you have to wait to get involved x

Happy writing



Pregnancy Files – Week 16-20
Pregnancy Files – Week 16-20

Heavens to betsy things are moving quickly now. You should have had your dating scan, and now looking forward to the detailed scan – this one is to have a really good look at the all the limbs, organs and other bits and bobs that can now be seen by the professionals, don’t be too concerned if you find it much harder to make sense of the images, as long as they seem happy with baby’s progress you should be too. If all is well this will be your last scan, so enjoy the moment and bore everyone to tears with the grainy pictures afterwards.

Hopefully this is the phase of pregnancy that is most ‘fun’. In theory there are no major symptoms, you aren’t big enough yet to be experiencing anything too difficult and should be over the nausea… You may even consider having lots of sex while you still have the energy, embracing the increased blood flow to that neck of the woods. Equally of course, you may buck this ‘average’ trend and feel like eating chocolate and wonder why anyone ever gets out of their pajamas – there are no rules with pregnancy, even if you’ve done it before no two are quite the same. Go with the flow and be prepared to have a range of emotions throughout the day. This is also the time that lots of women start to feel baby moving, it’s not always obvious at first what’s going on, and often just seems like wind… However, it’s a truly special thing that the two (or more) of you have for a while before anyone else can feel it too.

If possible the buzz word from now on is to eats lots of lovely nutritious foods, that baby is growing at an amazing rate and you need to feed them and yourself with lots of veggies, fruits and ice cream (:)) Remember there is a list of foods you should avoid while pregnant[polldaddy poll=9196998], and the jury is out over how much alcohol is safe, so go with none for now. There are also lots of over the counter medicines that aren’t a good idea, so always check with the pharmacist before you take anything to be on the safe side.

My skin is singing…

This post may shock people of a sensitive nature. In five years I had three beautiful children (that’s not the shocking bit…), and I wouldn’t change that for the world – however the impact was, clearly, mighty. No one really tells you all the things you need to know about becoming a parent, and I suppose you can’t really prepare people for something so extraordinary – certainly I wasn’t warned about the amount of singing I would be expected to do.

But the biggest challenge for me has been the basics, a simple example is that I don’t get to wash everyday. I always manage a quick wet wipe, but not a full shower/hair wash/cleanse tone and moisturise affair. To get four of us up, cleaned, dressed, fed, tidied, nurtured, read to, cleaned again, noses wiped, special toy found, shoes on, coats etc etc , and out to school, nursery, work on time is jolly tricky, especially if you are  trying to remain calm and not yell.

It means that I don’t get time to shower or even brush my own hair on occasion. I have always prioritised brushing my teeth, but that’s about it.  I have early risers so the idea of setting the alarm clock for 5.30am so that I can ‘do’ my hair before they get going sounds like torture, I have even had all my hair cut off. However, this morning was a breakthrough. Smallest A is now happy to play with her older siblings for a while before I’m required to break up any fights – and so today I used a dusty face wash, toner and moisturiser – and my skin in singing. I am totally shocked by how good it feels to have taken just five minutes for myself, and how nice my face feels – bring on the lovely Christmas pamper products I have been given over the years that are waiting patiently in the loft. xx

The Life of a Multi-Passionate!
The life of a multi-passionate!

The life of a multi-passionate!

Getting back my Mojo…

I can’t use the word Mojo without thinking about Austin Powers… which is good actually as it makes me smile. It feels like it’s been the longest year ever, and although many of the outcomes for this Average family have been good, the hard slog to get there feels like it’s stripped away my normal levels of joy.

I’ve been evaluating lots of things in my head, but blogging just didn’t seem an important thing to be doing when the house and its contents (and it’s inhabitants) felt like they were falling apart.

BUT – that time feels as though it’s passed, and the joy is returning – and that olde cycle of life continues. So, I’m back in the saddle and ready to evaluate the life out of life… I do need to make a cup of tea first though…

New site, new video!!!

New site, new video!!!.