Thursday (!) Thought 12

I know it isn’t Thursday, but there have been some ‘technical issues’ to grapple with…I can only assure you that I did have this thought last Thursday, I hope that’s ok? Fun is Free! I am the first to admit that the trials of parenting can mean we get so caught up in the rushing about of life, that we … Read More

Thursday Thought 9

We are on holiday this week, a very cheap break as most schools are back but ours have done their own thing – fits the project and also allows a bit of rest and recuperation.  I was inspired by these words…

Guest Blog – Stripey Squirrel

How to give an old t-shirt a new lease of life and send one less thing to landfill! Have you held on to a beloved old t-shirt that no longer fits but you just can’t bring yourself to chuck it? Its estimated that about 30% of clothing in our wardrobes hasn’t been worn in a year so here’s a straightforward … Read More

Thursday Thought 6

Just squeaking this in – I’ve come to realise I haven’t had a coherent thought for a whole week… it’s just been one of those times in life when things seem more chaotic and hard work than normal. After what could best be described as a ‘trying’ parenting day my frugal thought is that Love is Free. Isn’t that wonderful! It’s … Read More

Thursday Thought

It’s not really been a day for philosophy… it’s been more action and reaction. But in the 3 minutes I have while I re-heat dinner, I may just get a thought in before it’s too late! I’ve discovered that planned busyness is the friend of frugal living, and today is the perfect example…Had we not planned a busy morning of cleaning, sorting, gifting … Read More

Feel the Love

I like Valentines Day. There I said it. It doesn’t have to be a commercial exercise, you don’t have to buy overpriced meals and flowers, but it is a great opportunity to show people that you love them, to ponder on how you demonstrate that today and in the future- to check in with them to make sure they know … Read More

Library Lovin’

Another of the freebies that people seem to forget about (to our great shame as they are being closed…) is the local library. They really are the most amazing resource, not just books to borrow but also information on local groups, events and reference books. You can use the internet, print a letter and in our local library you can now get a cuppa … Read More

Park Life

There are lots of freebies that for some reason people forget about, the park is one of them. Whether you are on your own with your thoughts, being dragged by the dog, lovingly holding hands, or racing after toddlers a large green space is just the thing. We are lucky enough to be able to walk to five different parks from our … Read More