Water World Stoke – Review

We came to a family agreement that if we did a bit of school work to cover the 28 days of school we were going to miss over the Summer holidays, then a great treat would happen on 2nd Sept – the last day of freedom. After only a few seconds of debate the kids (in a rare moment of … Read More

Pregancy Files – Weeks 4-8

For some people there is still nothing to report at this stage, others will be throwing up day and night and feeling rubbish. Even if you have been pregnant before, each experience will be different so you can’t assume you know what’s coming. Most of us in the UK will need to book an appointment with a Midwife via our … Read More

Inside Out – Movie Review

Mmm this is a tricky one – the premise of the movie itself is extraordinarily complicated – and how I feel about the experience is too! The story is about Riley, an 11 year old girl who has to move home and make major life changes, her experiences are expressed by the various ’emotions’ that she uses to make sense of … Read More

Another family recipe set free!

Middle Little A and I share a passion for cooking and baking and it’s great fun time together… we love it so much we took up the challenge last year to find a vegan, raw, gluten free, easy-for-kids-to-do recipe each month for Complete Health Magazine. You can read it free online – and it has lots of very interesting stuff … Read More

I’ve gone all Julie Andrews…

For reasons I cannot fathom, earlier today I started singing ‘A Few of My Favourite Things‘ to baby A – we were looking for a favourite toy at the time which seems to have disappeared into thin air – or more likely been abandoned in the tsunami of a siblings bedroom (which by Friday means you’ve no hope of finding … Read More

Ground Hog Day

When you have a family there are many things that people are dying to tell you, usually about 9 months too late! However, there are also MANY things that no one tells you that can come as a shock – this is not a graphic post I promise. Apart from all the singing which came as a surprise to me, … Read More