Unexpected Parenting #1

watching my 5 year old singing Status Quo in the worlds smallest school choir… go girl!

Ode to Mr Average

The kids are at the various places they need to be – school, nursery and asleep on my chest. The washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher are all whirring away, the kitchen counters are all clear and have been wiped down, as has the table now it is cleared from breakfast. The floors have been hovered and the first de-toy … Read More

Happy Monday…

Book a relaxing break they said, it will be good for you they said… Of course once we are there it will be brilliant, but getting ready for a self catering holiday with four kids is not child’s play, especially when the kids are at home needing you. I have lists to tick off but it’s been pretty hellish frankly! … Read More

Maybe baby…

I had been keeping a pregnancy diary as part of this blog, in conjunction with a great new magazine. Sadly the Editor of that magazine has some health problems which have meant a hiatus in production. However, if I don’t keep up with the articles, I suspect I will forget many of the unique experiences, so think I will continue … Read More

Quick update!

We did indeed make some love bugs (and a cheeky Ninja Turtle), Mr A made an apple and raspberry pie after a lovely nap having been up late at night with baby A and we watched movies, had a fire and ate up leftover choccies. I did vacuum which isn’t really allowed, but it was my choice and I relaxed … Read More

Sunday Funday

Today is our ‘rest’ day, we ‘work’ on Saturday so we can chill out on Sunday – to be honest it works best for the kids as we still have to prepare food, look after the fire, change nappies and clean dishes….BUT we don’t vacuum, put up shelves, mow the lawn etc. Today we will mostly be making love bugs … Read More

Happy New Year

There has been a blog break as we welcomed Baby 4 into our hearts and our lives… Now back in action for 2016 x

Spreading Good Cheer

I really don’t ‘do’ Christmas until December as a rule, but once you have children there are lots of things that need to be ready to start on the 1st December, so I find myself getting set up earlier and earlier… This year we are going to hospital on the 20th Dec in the hope of encouraging baby 4 out … Read More

Careful what you wish for…

I’m writing this after a very long 48 hours, for reasons yet unknown we have all been the grumpiest, tantrumiest, meanest, rudest, stampy-feety, ‘where have my children gone?’ EVER! It’s at these times I am shocked by the sheer exhaustion and hard-work of parenting. That I can be brought to tears by a five year old still amazes and embarrasses … Read More