Borrow Don’t Buy

I came across this brilliant new business while reading about slow fashion and the rising interest in sustainable fashion. As someone that hasn’t bought new clothes for nearly 10 years (except the odd emergency item) I was only skim reading as I didn’t think it would apply to me – but it was fascinating and I loved the ideas and ethos of companies that were working for more sustainable, ethical and eco clothing and accessories. Share Our Style was one of these innovative new ideas, the first in the UK, and I wanted to share them with you for #selfcareseptember in case it’s the sort of treat you need.

Share Our Style encourage people to rent a designer handbag for a special occasion, instead of either buying it and not using it much or just if it’s beyond your budget to do so. You may own a designer bag that you could rent out via their website? 

Many of us use shopping as a self care technique (albeit not a very good one…) we like the feel of purchasing something for ourselves, or the thrill of finding a bargain. Share Our Style offers the chance to enjoy the thrill of a new bag for a wedding, weekend away or special birthday without the cost of purchasing it outright, or the guilt of having spent so much on an item we may find hard to ‘justify’, or simply don’t have the need to use very often. While cheaper clothes and accessories meet our budget better in the short term, they usually don’t last as long and are rarely comfortable with our other values. As part of our Frugal Family project we are trying to find a balance between our budget and our values, it’s not always a clear cut choice and it can be fluid based on all sorts of practical and immediate needs – however we love to borrow, to use second hand as much as possible and when we do buy, buy for long term use where possible and to consider the ethics of manufacturing, resources and materials whenever we can.

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