Born Lucky

As I stepped into the shed this morning for work, I turned on the lights and the heater and got some hot chocolate on the go, muttering under my breath how cold it was this morning. I’d already had to de-ice the car and spend an age finding all the matching hats, gloves and scarves that all four kids suddenly needed… we couldn’t walk as the scooters and buggy had been left outside and were frozen (that’s a whole other moan).

Now, while warming up with my mug and slippers on, I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful that I have such luxuries. That I can just turn on lights, and a heater when I need to. Of course I also have a jumper and scarf on, and I have the greenest light fittings etc – my point today is that I’m #feelingthankful I can have such a positive impact on my personal situation so very easily, and so many people can’t.

One way that we are trying to use this website to help others is by our partnerships with the corporate world. For example, if you use this link to change your gas and electricity suppliers via Switchcraft we will dontate £5 to Charity: water.


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