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      Sep 20, 2017

Book Me

Talks & Workshops

I have been a lecturer and creator of courses, workshops and talks for nearly 15 years. With experience in working with large audiences and very small groups, I can bring something special to each occasion. I try to use humour to present the reality of life, and some ideas of how to cope with it.

The current options are listed below, but something bespoke can be created so get in touch if you’d like to discuss other ideas.

Frugal Living: From Necessity to Nicety

This 45 minute talk with slides and objects, gives a lighthearted look at how we have lived through the decades, and the impact of our way of life on wider society and culture. It finishes right up to date with a modern take on frugal life

50 Ways to Save the World

This 50 minute talk will give you hundreds (well 50)  ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money, live ethically and save the World, most of which are so easy you don’t even have to get out of bed! Presented with humour and a checklist to take away you can have a giggle and get things done!

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