Spreading Good Cheer

I really don’t ‘do’ Christmas until December as a rule, but once you have children there are lots of things that need to be ready to start on the 1st December, so I find myself getting set up earlier and earlier… This year we are going to hospital on the 20th Dec in the hope of encouraging baby 4 out … Read More

Pregnancy Files – Week 16-20

Heavens to betsy things are moving quickly now. You should have had your dating scan, and now looking forward to the detailed scan – this one is to have a really good look at the all the limbs, organs and other bits and bobs that can now be seen by the professionals, don’t be too concerned if you find it much harder … Read More

Careful what you wish for…

I’m writing this after a very long 48 hours, for reasons yet unknown we have all been the grumpiest, tantrumiest, meanest, rudest, stampy-feety, ‘where have my children gone?’ EVER! It’s at these times I am shocked by the sheer exhaustion and hard-work of parenting. That I can be brought to tears by a five year old still amazes and embarrasses … Read More

Pregnancy Files Weeks 12-16

Oh now things are getting exciting! Fingers crossed you have crossed into the Second Trimester, and can start to feel more confident that this is really happening. You should have had a dating scan, which will give you an official ‘due date’, however babies rarely arrive on that exact date (unless they’re showing off) so think of it more as … Read More

Pregnancy Files – Week 8 -12

So, things are starting to get real now… you are about to finish your first trimester. You are likely to be feeling ridiculously tired and fall asleep at inappropriate times, if you have given up drinking, smoking or going out after 6pm some friends may be getting suspicious. When to tell people your news is a very personal decision, but … Read More

The Mysteries of Time Management…

I always make myself laugh when I have a period of being totally out of synch with the world around me (e.g. the last few weeks), not because I’m especially funny, but because I teach a Time Management course! The irony is not lost on me. We had a week away, it was lovely and despite a drizzly outlook it … Read More

Water World Stoke – Review

We came to a family agreement that if we did a bit of school work to cover the 28 days of school we were going to miss over the Summer holidays, then a great treat would happen on 2nd Sept – the last day of freedom. After only a few seconds of debate the kids (in a rare moment of … Read More