Simple Actions

This won’t seem very impressive to some of you go-getters, but we are doing a de-clutter of the whole house, in bitesized chunks and this pin board pleased me immensely – there were things on there from before we had kids… As part of our Simple September we are trying to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ in the house that … Read More

Is Zero Waste a Real Thing?

We have come to the end of a wonderful Zero Waste Week, and if you joined in with our free e-course I really hope you enjoyed it. The Low Waste Living Facebook Group will continue so feel free to join there to hear about other projects and share ideas with like minded folk x. One of the reasons we created … Read More

In it to Win it

If you are facing cabin fever, or just getting on each others nerves there may be an increased level of disputes in the home… as parents you are expert at avoidance, nipping in the bud and all the normal strategies, but I have found that often a very sudden change of atmosphere or attention can have a positive impact and … Read More

Another App!

We recently joined English Heritage – using Tesco Clubcard vouchers – so we could use it on holiday. It was brilliant – BUT you can access a huge number of their sites for FREE. When you download the App you will be able to search the ‘what’s near me’ and find all the freebies (it will give you opening times … Read More


This is another personal favourite because I’m an historian, so it’s a passion of mine I’m hoping to pass onto the kids… they seem vaguely interested if I talk about fighting… Here are some suggestions for ways you might do some research with the kids. Find out about your family history and draw a family tree with them. Find out … Read More

Collect It!

How about starting or sorting out a ‘collection’? Kids really love to order and collect things, if they are able to write they could make a list or book and add the names or something about what they have collected. Those not writing could take a photo of their collection on a phone and send it to someone, or colour … Read More

July Impact Report

Well this is very late! It turns out going away over the end of a month and start of another doesn’t work well, I forgot to pay nursery and all sorts of the ‘end of the month’ things and then by the time we were home, I was distracted by four children and unexpected rain! Anyhoo – this month we … Read More

Review of Mae Jemison Box

I was so excited to be offered the chance to look at an Ingenues box with my daughter – we chose the Astronaut Box to review as she is very into space and science at the moment. The box is delivered with everything to you need to learn and play and our 8 year old really enjoyed it. Also available … Read More


I really hate that you can buy ‘back to school’ things before the term has even finished, and I really hate having to think about going back to school while we are trying to enjoy a lovely Summer break with little talk of the S word… however, reality bites and past experience has taught me that if you don’t sort … Read More

Rain Stops Play

You will need a few indoor, rainy day options during the Summer. Here are a few that we have tried and tested… Hide and Seek, you can also do this by hiding toys and the kids finding them – if you are on a theme then use that too. Don’t fight it, if it’s cold and wet then get some … Read More