Simplyfing Clothing

This is the second in our Quick Tips series for Simple September… you can catch up with the first post on Meal Planning here x There are two more posts planned over the next two weeks, but today we are thinking about how to simplfy our clothes – both kids and adults. We have been having a major sort out … Read More

Simplifying Meal Planning

As part of our Simplify September theme I’m going to run a series of Quick Tips on some of the ways we are moving towards a more frugal and low waste life… I’m going to start with one of my favourite subjects – Food! We have a one week e-course on this topic where you will get all the printables … Read More

Review of Octopus Learning

Oh wow we had such fun with this subscription box which we were asked to review – it was intended for our pre-schooler but actually ended up being enjoyed by all the kids, plus Mummy and Grandparents! The idea of the subscription box is to teach a wide range of concepts using fun games and tasks broken down into different … Read More

Simple Food

All these baking and cooking shows often make us feel a bit inadequate in the kitchen, or that we should be having dinner parties every weekend. There really is no shame in simple food that you love to eat. In celebration of this I’m going to have pasta and pesto tonight with the kids, with cheese on top. For 5 … Read More

August Impact Report

So this month we tried a new calculator to see how we fit in with the rest of the UK and the World… it was an interesting set of questions and I think it would have been more accurate but I didn’t add exact meter readings etc. This was from We are below average, but still have a looonnnggg … Read More

Love A Thing

Our theme for September is all about simplifying life – to allow us to notice the good stuff and not get too distracted by the ‘noise’ of living in the modern world. After the fun of the Summer we are settling down to a more moderate pace and looking forward to Autumn. I’m re-loving this piece from our Love Wins … Read More

Simple Words

I’m very taken with using the power of language to affect our mindset – lots of well know ‘inspirational’ posters and fridge magnets might be a bit cheesy, but if they lift you up in some way then keep them around you. I have a Happy Shelf and that has my favourite ‘Choose Joy’ – but if you like more … Read More

Simple Actions

This won’t seem very impressive to some of you go-getters, but we are doing a de-clutter of the whole house, in bitesized chunks and this pin board pleased me immensely – there were things on there from before we had kids… As part of our Simple September we are trying to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ in the house that … Read More

Is Zero Waste a Real Thing?

We have come to the end of a wonderful Zero Waste Week, and if you joined in with our free e-course I really hope you enjoyed it. The Low Waste Living Facebook Group will continue so feel free to join there to hear about other projects and share ideas with like minded folk x. One of the reasons we created … Read More

Day 33 – In it to Win it

If you are facing cabin fever, or just getting on each others nerves there may be an increased level of disputes in the home… as parents you are expert at avoidance, nipping in the bud and all the normal strategies, but I have found that often a very sudden change of atmosphere or attention can have a positive impact and … Read More