Get Comfy

One of the most important aspects of Countdown to Cosy is the about being physically comfortable, snuggling up and being warm. A simple way to work on this is to take some time to think about your clothing and what you will need to keep warm during the Winter, this is something you can do over time;  a few ideas … Read More

Get Writing

As you may know I have a background in teaching Personal Development and Mental Health Recovery… so I know a thing or two about the power of writing and especially keeping a journal of some sort. That doesn’t have to be a diary with reams and reams of writing (although if you like to do that, it’s great!), it could … Read More

The Healing Power of Tea…

Its sounds so flippant doesn’t it, that tea will help any situation. I’ve asked around and it does seem a uniquely British response to a crisis, and that has flowed across the Commonwealth but not beyond that. Other countries might offer a hug or meet a practical need like adding a blanket or offering a tissue, from a drinks perspective … Read More

Mending & Maintaining

One easy way to help the planet is to make sure things that already exist get as much use and care as possible so we can reduce the amount of raw materials we need to make new things. We may as well get used to mending and making do now as it’s going to be the only option as resources … Read More


So, we’ve already mentioned that during cold and flu season  you need to take good care of yourself, one way is to make sure you have a supply of tissues to keep you going. Last year we attempted to become a paper free family… it’s been mostly successful but the tissue thing becomes more obvious at this time of year … Read More

Get Ready for Spring

One of my favourite Winter tasks is to prepare the way for a cheerful Spring by planting bulbs (page 29 of our Eco Autumn book!). These make lovely gifts too and don’t have to cost a lot of money, I bought a mix of 50 daffodils today for £5.00, it was for Eco Club at school and the kids are … Read More

Conker Crazy!

This week Lisa and I are both taking a leaf out of the Eco Friendly Autumn book, but as a special treat we are sharing it right here too! It’s the same post from us both today – how to use conkers from the woods to make laundry soap – YES REALLY!! We’d love to know how to you get … Read More

Traditional Cold Cures…

Well it’s that time of year when it’s quite likely someone at work, school etc will get a cold and it will do the rounds. Stocking up on ways to take care of  yourself when you feel poorly is a good idea at any time, and especially in Winter. We have some more posts coming about vitamins and hankies, so … Read More

Preserve the Summer

One excellent way to preserve elements of the Summer to enjoy on a grey day is to make jam or chutney and in the modern era it’s a much work as you may think. You can even make jam in the microwave in small batches, or if you have a bread maker most of them have a jam setting.  Our … Read More

Swap It!

Today we are all about embracing change, which frankly isn’t an easy thing. I rather like living in a country that has changing seasons, there is a beautiful cycle of preparation and change as each temperature and tree slowly moves along… or maybe I’m just in a philosophical mood? In our Eco-Friendly Autumn Book we have a whole section dedicated … Read More