Self Care

  On our Countdown to Cosy today we are thinking about making sure we are taking care of ourselves, in particular our immune system – we talk a lot on this site about Self Care and that’s because I’ve spent nearly twenty years working with people to share ideas and suggestions of how to look after our own needs, so … Read More

Keep in touch

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of human connection in life generally, it’s also something I know to be an important part of our basic needs from my professional background, having contact with other people is essential to a healthy life and in the Winter that sometimes gets more difficult if the weather means we go out … Read More

Inner Rhythm

Today’s suggestion is about using our ears to feel cosy, which is probably not the first thing we think of. Listening to relaxing or envigorating music, a good book or talking to a friend are all nice ways to curl up and be surrounded by loveliness. It’s a useful skill to get used to checking if all our senses are … Read More

Go for a Walk

This sounds so simple, and yet quite often we find lots of reasons not to do it – despite the fact there are so many benefits for our physical and mental health. Walking allows us time in nature, fresh air, physical activity and often we can do a quick chore too like post a letter or grab a loaf of … Read More

Sofa Scramble

This might seem an odd idea for getting cosy, but while you are sorting out old coats and bags or plumping up your cushions always remember to check for loose change. Even foreign or out of date coins might still be of use to pay directly into a bank or savings account and all those pennies add up. We keep … Read More

Bulk Cooking for the Win

So, I love cooking and try to teach the kids how to look after themselves by encouraging them to get involved with cooking our normal meals as well as more fancy baking and fun things. On a normal day I find cooking can be quite a nice activity – I’m not so keen on the cleaning up afterwards, and during … Read More

Share the Joy

We are big fans of sharing as a positive concept and sustainable option, so part of feeling good about ourselves includes sharing where we can. The Winter months can be especially difficult for people living on the streets and if you have appropriate clothing you no longer need or are part of a group that could arrange a collection of … Read More

Get Comfy

One of the most important aspects of Countdown to Cosy is the about being physically comfortable, snuggling up and being warm. A simple way to work on this is to take some time to think about your clothing and what you will need to keep warm during the Winter, this is something you can do over time;  a few ideas … Read More

Get Writing

As you may know I have a background in teaching Personal Development and Mental Health Recovery… so I know a thing or two about the power of writing and especially keeping a journal of some sort. That doesn’t have to be a diary with reams and reams of writing (although if you like to do that, it’s great!), it could … Read More

The Healing Power of Tea…

Its sounds so flippant doesn’t it, that tea will help any situation. I’ve asked around and it does seem a uniquely British response to a crisis, and that has flowed across the Commonwealth but not beyond that. Other countries might offer a hug or meet a practical need like adding a blanket or offering a tissue, from a drinks perspective … Read More