Print Free, Almost Screen Free, Free Ideas…

I will add to this I’m sure, but I’ve been working on a list of things to do at home that don’t involve printing loads of worksheets (I do do that too, but not everyone has a printer and once we are out of ink…). So, if you need any more explanation of how these might work just drop me … Read More

Lockdown Lifelines…

We’ve been trawling around to find a comprehensive list of all the things available to help out families with kids at home for… who knows how long. I’m sure I’ll add to this as we go along. Please remember that free subscriptions won’t last forever, set a reminder to check them regularly so you don’t get an unexpected bill one … Read More

How to Calm the F**k Down for Parents

This is the FB Live I did recently as the reality of kids and parents being at home for an extended period came home… and I saw such panic it made me sad. As someone who has worked for so long in helping people manage panic, anxiety, self esteem etc I wanted to offer some calming words and ideas. I’m … Read More

Community Conscious

Here we go, 10 ways to spread joy and most of them for free too! You could try them all, the ones that suit, one a day or one a week – but in times of trouble it’s nice to consider what you CAN do to support yourself and others’ wellbeing instead of being drawn into fear about all things … Read More

Earth Bits

Welcome to our March Business of the Month, a lovely family run online shop for all the things you need to reduce waste, plastic and feel good. I ‘met’ these guys on Twitter during the weekly #EthicalHour which I would heartily recommend if you’re about on a Monday at 8pm, there are lots of really interesting and brilliant businesses there … Read More

Where Does It Come From?

I’m delighted to invite Jo from this great company as our Business of the Month – you may remember our hilarious interview on the Just One Thing series? There were toddlers and cats involved, but I’m hoping we can have a more focused discussion during this month, which I will share here. I’ve always been impressed by Jo’s positivity and … Read More

When Food isn’t Food

One of the most practical and physical ways people have supported us is by keeping us fed. At first this was done by family who were staying with us, preparing lunches and dinners many of which were never touched. It was checking we had at least had a drink that day (you can read about our relationship with tea during … Read More

Hi, I’m Sarah and I run a zero-waste store called Shop Zero in Nottingham City centre! My aim is to empower folks to live more sustainably and reduce their impact on the environment. Many of us have been shocked by the stories of environmental disasters and threat in our world. We want to do things differently and it can be … Read More


We have met so many new and interesting small, local, family and ethical or sustainable businesses since we started The Frugal Family we wanted to take this year to showcase some of our favourites, this is meant to have two benefits. Firstly we hope to inspire your family to get involved in making small changes to your shopping, eating, living … Read More

The Worst Thing About ‘Normal’

Lots of people talk about creating a ‘new normal’ or ‘going back to normal’ – these words are not helpful, but they probably are really trying to be. Of course life continues after death for everyone that’s left, even if you want the world to stop it won’t (I know because I’ve tried), time relentlessly continues to pass; hours turn … Read More