Be Nice

There is a strong correlation between helping others and our self esteem. People who volunteer their time or skills always talk in positive terms about how giving back makes them feel, and it’s possible that our self care programme may include an element of community connection.

I was so pleased to come across Helpfulpeeps – a truly wonderful organisation promoting the exchange of skills, time or knowledge for free, to support your local community. Once you have signed up to their website you can post a request for support and can also browse the requests to see where you can help. There are of course lots of safety considerations, but I love this old fashioned way of reconnecting people and sharing skills. Unlike a number of other projects, there is no exchange mechanism with Helpfulpeeps – just helping each other out as and when you can.

When our lives are already full with helping others (particularly our own families) this may seem to be another drain on our time and energy, and I would not suggest that it goes to the very top of your list, however you may browse the site one day and find one small act of kindness you can do for a person local to you and that is just a lovely thing – make no commitments to do more – and feel the power of being kind on your sense of self.

This is our penultimate #selfcareseptember and I’m going to miss it! I’ve been in touch with such a wonderful variety of organisations and individuals doing great things. I’ve been inspired to take care of myself more, and I hope you have to…

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