Are your gifts good?

While Christmas shopping, or buying anything during the Winter here at Frugal HQ we would like to encourage you (and ourselves) to think of using Good Gifts for at least some of that spending. There really is something there for everyone, and starting at just £5.  We always have one in the stockings, to make sure we don’t get too lost in the selfishness of modern life.

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2 Comments on “Are your gifts good?”

  1. I have no problem with these gifts if bought for oneself. I speak as someone who has once spent the usual £50 on a relative, which was eagerly accepted only to receive a fridge magnet emblazoned with the words “I sponsored a goat” . An agreement beforehand that both parties will engage in charitable gift giving is much more amicable, it is very easy to be generous when it is someone else’s money.

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