Are you a puller or a pusher?

The first day back at school is an interesting experience for parents, and a great time for people watchers! There are many kinds of parenting and there are very few rights and wrongs, but the joy or pain of that first day is one of the noticeable differences between parents. I am aware that I’m in the minority in that I get a bit upset at the start of school – not that I don’t want them to go because they need it and love it – but because it means I have less time with them and frankly, less influence and that’s not my favourite thing.

Are you a puller for extra hugs or a pusher into the line and celebrate kinda person??

Most parents looked so relieved to be getting their kids back to school you have to wonder if the Summer break is just too long!? I have had a number of stressful jobs and situations, and I do think parenting is the toughest job out there – and to do that without a break for six weeks, 24hrs a day is just plain hard. I’m exhausted! The kids are in need of some new people their own age to interact with, and their own space to play in. Maybe the holiday is exactly the right time so that kids want to go back, but we are on a countdown to Half Term already. Of course I still have two toddlers at home, so maybe for me the ‘kids at home’ is less of an impact, and not having the older ones here is a more significant change… it certainly is a challenge for me to have the right clothes ready on the right days and to all be fed, read and out by 8.20am…

What we have done differently this time is in our preparations for being back in school – and that’s because our family project is having such an impact on all aspects of our lives – is to think about how we do things, and what we can do better from an environmental perspective. We had already moved from sandwich bags to reusable boxes and water bottles last year, we try to walk as much as possible and reuse uniform from larger friends – our School Uniform Ideas are here if you missed them x  It also happens that this week is #ZeroWasteWeek, and we’ve been particularly concerned with how we can reduce our waste in terms of school life.  We have two new pinterest boards that we’d like to share, one is Frugal School Life and one is Zero Waste (this is a group board if you would like to share some ideas x).

If you have some hints and tips to reduce waste in school and home please drop us a comment here x

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