So, we’ve already mentioned that during cold and flu season  you need to take good care of yourself, one way is to make sure you have a supply of tissues to keep you going. Last year we attempted to become a paper free family… it’s been mostly successful but the tissue thing becomes more obvious at this time of year – we decided to go for washable, old-school handkerchiefs. The washing machine is on most days anyway so it’s no great trouble to add them in daily as required.

You can make your own from an old sheet or some other fabric you may have, make sure it’s nice and soft so old used fabric that been washed a lot is actually better for this project.  There are full instructions on how to hand stitch hankies in our Eco Friendly Autumn book (page 31) with pictures and everything. If that sounds a bit too much then you can do what we did and scour the charity shops, we found lots of lovely handkerchiefs in a wide range of sizes, you could also cut up or use muslins from the baby years is you have a load left.  We keep ours in an old tissue box, but you can make something suitable or fold them all in any old box,

Our experience is that you will need lots more than you thought because of the washing and drying process, and because often you will all have a cold at the same time so they will be used up in one sneeze-a-thon!

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