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The Frugal Family was started as a family project in 2016 – it has grown into this website since then as people wanted to learn more about how to live an ethical frugal family life…as the website has grown so has our interests and interest in us. It’s very exciting that some companies and organisations have stared to want to work with us to bring their products or services to our audience.

Rest assured we are keeping our values and ethical ideas at the forefront of our decisions, and only working with companies that support this in some way. We only ever review an item we have actually used and all reviews will be completely honest and clear about the good and bad bits. Where we have made a link that may earn us a commission this will be clearly stated in the post or article. When we have received a product to review we will also make that clear in our review.

We are looking at joining an affiliate shopping link, so that you can buy products we discuss there and then, this would be made very clear in the article, and we’ll update here once we have decided which direction to go in. This is in response to people saying they would like to be able to purchase directly from the site.




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