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      Aug 18, 2018

How to Help Us Grow

Sponsor Us

There are a number of projects we are hoping to run that could be sponsored by a business or organisation. For example our school assembly plans – we will be giving out pencils or a bookmark made of recycled materials to every child – and your business could be on those items if you sponsor them! 

We like to be creative, and you may have some great ideas too for working together so do get in touch x 


For as little as 20p a week you can make a massive difference to what we can achieve here at The Frugal Family… by making a monthly donation via Patreon you can access exclusive deals and freebies, as well as helping us to grow. There are lots of basic costs to run a website, and we can do so much more if we can cover those costs with regular direct income – so if 20 people who want to support what we are doing all paid $2 a month we could create more content, find more resources, share more information and help more people.

Keep In Touch

You can make a habit to come and check out the website and see what we’re up to. Or follow our other social media sites to keep up to date.

We really welcome sharing of our content on social media to spread the ideas and inspiration far and wide.

You can also sign up to join our growing community – by leaving your email you will receive regular monthly news with exclusive content and offers.

Visit Our Shop

We are developing new things all the time, so check out our shop regularly for new courses, books and other things we come up with.

There are also lots of free things in there to help keep families on budget – without costing the Earth.

Please share...

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