I never wanted children, so I’m as surprised as everyone else that I’m a mother to four amazing, crazy, funny, frustrating, beautiful children.  It’s been a tough road to get them, and we’re no strangers to heartache, but here we are trying to teach and learn at the same time! It’s always an adventure, but just recently we decided to overhaul the whole show…

We started a family project for 2016 to change how, when and what we used our money on. It was prompted by some big changes in our situation and a realisation that we weren’t living in tune with our values so much anymore… We remembered being young and free, going on marches against Big Oil and boycotting Nestle – only buying organic, environmentally friendly things and then suddenly one day we realised that we had got so busy with life we had stopped thinking hard enough about how and why we do things.

And NOW… we have moved beyond just a family project, and have this wonderful thriving community and website. Our experience from the last two years, as well as Claire’s professional background mean we are in the perfect position to support real families looking to live a more ethical and frugal life.

We are doing that in a number of ways:

  • You can join our two active Facebook Groups with daily threads offering ideas and inspiration Spend Less, Use Less, Do More! and Free & Frugal Fun for Kids.
  • You can become a member of our Plan It, Love It, Do It! Group, with exclusive discounts, resources and private monthly planning meetings in our seperate group,  AND… FREE access to most items in our shop.
  • You can access all the FREE and paid for resources on the site here.
  • You can follow us on all our social media accounts for daily hints and tips. See the links at the top and bottom of each page.
  • You can take one of Claire’s Workshops on a range of topics to help you start or continue your ethical and frugal life.
  • We have lots more ideas in the bag, just waiting to get out!
  • You can contact us with any ideas you have for us to work on…

Living this way requires energy and planning, all I can promise is that it’s so worth it – to sleep better at night with your choices and all that fresh air…

Hope you can join us on the journey x



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