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About Us

I never wanted children, so I’m as surprised as everyone else that I’m a mother to four amazing, crazy, funny, frustrating, beautiful children.  It’s been a tough road to get them, and we’re no strangers to heartache, but here we are trying to teach and learn at the same time! It’s always an adventure, but just recently we decided to overhaul the whole show…

We started a family project for 2016 to change how, when and what we used our money on. It was prompted by some big changes in our situation and a realisation that we weren’t living in tune with our values so much anymore… We remembered being young and free, going on marches against Big Oil and boycotting Nestle – only buying organic, environmentally friendly things and then suddenly one day we realised that we had got so busy with life we had stopped thinking hard enough about how and why we do things.

So, the project was such a great experience we’re extending it to our whole lives, and so many people have found our discoveries and ideas for living an ethically frugal life helpful; that this website is being created.

Living this way requires energy and planning, all I can promise is that it’s so worth it – to sleep better at night with your choices and all that fresh air…

Hope you can join us on the journey x


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  1. […] Claire at The Frugal Family said, “To stay motivated I remember 3 things I hated about where I was – and write down 3 things I love about where I am now and then 3 things I’m hopeful for in the future/ still working on.” […]
    Reply 8th June 2017 at 4:03 am
  2. You DEFINITELY have time to blog! Blogging, knitting, crafts (and drinking) kept me sane as I muddled through four kids aged 0-6. Vividly remember the year I made all my Xmas cards with children crawling over me and domestic chaos raging...but I was so happy with my handmade cards :-) blog on! Mums need a creative outlet!
    Reply 21st February 2016 at 7:15 am
  3. Don't forget sick and milk! They make up eau de parenthood a treat! :)
    Reply 20th October 2014 at 8:40 pm

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