Deals Radar On

To fill up your box of ‘things to do’ it’s best to work slowly and grab deals as you find them, you can give yourself a budget for this if that works for you – in a separate purse so you know what you have to spend. Some deals will be online, so today for example is Amazon’s Prime Day – where Prime members get various offers throughout the day, if you have membership it may well be worth seeing what’s available.

Tesco Mobile are also offering a free 3 month trial of the Disney Life app, which would see you through the holidays and into next term. As will all deals like this you MUST add a reminder on your calendar or phone to cancel the account after the deal or you will end up paying for a service you may not want. Also always check the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you’re not agreeing to something that will end up costing you more.

At this time of year there are also lots of deals at Soft Play Centres and Leisure Centres for Summer Passes which usually offer excellent value. Have a look at these local deals and make sure they are something you can really take advantage of before you part with any money.

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