5 Ways to Save Water in the Summer

Despite living on an island surrounded by water, it’s still an incredibly precious resource and yet we are one of the highest consumers in Europe and seem unaware of the urgent need to start becoming more water use savvy.

So, here are 5 simple ways you can save some water in the Summer – this is still important even if it’s raining!!

  1. Put lots of water and ready made drinks in the fridge. No need to keep running the tap to get cold water now x
  2. Put ice cubes in the freezer so you have a good supply for a heatwave.
  3. Use paddling pool water to water plants, and only water the garden early morning or evening to avoid evaporation. You should also collect rain water to use for the garden with any kind of water butt.
  4. Ask your water company for a HIPPO or similar device to cut down the amount of water you flush down in the toilet. If it doesn’t freak you out too much, you may also practice the song… ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow. if it’s brown flush it down’  to keep flushing to a minimum.
  5. Get any dripping taps replaced – this can save as much as 5.000 litres of water a year, often just with a new washer…

We got a bit uncomfortable about the water we used in the paddling pool during the Summer, so came up with this solution which we all feel good about. Think hard about your water consumption during the hot weather, it’s likely to go up and that’s not great for the planet. It’s just simple ideas that can make a big difference. Teach your kids to turn off taps and cover up the paddling pool at the end of the day so that the water is clear and leaf/bug free in the morning, you can do this with a fitted sheet or a tarpauling depending on the size of the pool. We also use an old sieve to clear out any debris, and the water that goes in has the last at least a week.

Let’s hope the weather improves enough to need one!!


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