Find Favourites

For this you need a box or similar – this box system will grow as we get nearer to the end of term (sorry Scotland I know you are already free and easy), so if you come across some nice boxes on freecycle then get them!

You need to start stockpiling ‘things to do’ at home, one way is to look at what is on offer from the kids favourite tv shows, most of them will have a page on the production website, and if you go there it’s likely to have things you can download, colouring in sheets and things to make are quite common. These are available all year round, but sometimes they will have extra things for the Summer.

One example is a new pack from BT this is a downloadable activity pack with pages and pages of fun things to do, it’s free to download and although very highly coloured (so will cost in printer ink) you only need to print the pages you want to, as and when you need them. You don’t need to have the television package and the characters like Mickey Mouse are well known enough if even if you haven’t seen that particular show.

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