4. Take Stock

There will be a lot of things you already know, favourite places, friends you want to catch up with and that sort of thing. Grab a pen and some sticky notes, scrap paper or the back of some junk mail and start a list of things you want to do in the holidays. If you want to use this free download, that’s ok too. We have a chalk board at home and make sure the kids have the chance to put their ‘wishes’ for the holidays down as well, these are often quite manageable and I will come back to them another day!

You should also start a FRUGAL FUN list (if you don’t have one already) – this is all the local places and things that offer free or extremely cheap kid-friendly time. For example we aren’t too far from Newstead Abbey, it’s a beautiful building owned by the local Council which means it’s great value – £6 per car for the day. We have a 9 seater, so usually take another family with us and a picnic – so an amazingly good value day. They also have lots of events there like a Pirate Day at no extra cost, so if you add watching a pirate related movie and popcorn to the end of the day that’s a whole day for less than £7. More about pirates to come, for now just start that list!

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